Calgary Sports Chiropractic Center

Getting you back to living pain-free!

Calgary Sports Chiropractic Center is Calgary’s premier destination for patients who have pain due to injuries of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints.  If you are experiencing pain, we can help!

Our Expertise


Doctors who specialize in non-drug and non-surgical approach to treating many specific muscle, joint, and nerve problems.

Massage Therapy

Registered therapists who focus on general soft tissue disorders.

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Recovering from injuries is a process we take seriously. If you are injured due to sports, car accidents, and work, we provide personal rehabilitation treatment plans to speed up your recovery in a safe environment.


In Motion

At the Calgary Sports Chiropractic Center, we would like to celebrate your active accomplishments with you, please send us a picture of your hobbies, trips, and activities  with a little description or comment to
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Customer Service

Serving the Calgary community since 1999.

Amazing staff and they are super understanding of what you want out of your appointment. Answered all the questions about the exercises they gave me, and were extremely supportive. Can't recommend this clinic and staff enough!


Best chiropractor out there!  My entire family has always went to Dr. Betinol as he has provided nothing but amazing results.  As an athlete, I turn to Dr. Betinol first as he has helped rehabilitate various injuries allowing me to recover faster and compete at a high level again in no time.  Will be a lifelong patient!


By far the best there is!  My whole family has gone to Dr. Betinol.  He has been absolutely amazing and very very honest.  We turn to Dr. Betinol for any injury before we even turn to our family doc.


I had an awful back at a very young age, made worse by other chiropractors being too aggressive with the problem.  When I started seeing Dr. Betinol, he adjusted my spine so well that he actually lost me as a patient because he made a permanent, lasting improvement.  When someone I know even brings up needing a chiropractor, I insist they see Dr. Betinol.