Calgary Sports Chiropractic Center

Dr. Betinol has an extensive background not only in chiropractic but in the areas of education and the sciences.  He has completed several university degrees in the areas of chiropractic, zoology, education, and human biology.  He was a former science teacher and college instructor in the areas of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.  He has lectured on many topics related to health and ergonomics in the work environment.  Dr. Betinol is trained in a variety of acupuncture and needling techniques (i.e., dry needling, deep needling, electroacupuncture), advanced soft tissue therapies, electrical therapies, and various rehabilitation and manual therapies.

Dr. Betinol’s interest in sports was the driving factor of why he chose a career in chiropractic.  An avid athlete, he has participated in many competitive team and individual sports.  He enjoys the challenges of finding ways to enhance athletic performance for athletes young and old that may have plateaued at a certain level or those that have physiological limitations in size, speed, strength and agility.  Dr. Betinol treats professional, university, and elite athletes of all ages from many sports and dance backgrounds.

Throughout his years in practice, Dr. Betinol has treated patients from one day old to 101 years of age.  He has seen the benefits of how chiropractic truly enhances family wellness not only in finding solutions for specific nerve, muscle, and bone problems but by having regular treatments, chiropractic allows for better sleep, mobility, and helps manage our daily stress levels.

Dr. Betinol is married and has three children.  Joshua is now a dentist after a great career playing junior hockey, Isaiah is also attending university as a PhD candidate focusing mainly in research after playing midget AAA hockey, and Kas who currently plays NCAA Division I hockey at an American university.

When not in the office, you can find Dr. Betinol riding his motorcycle, camping, fishing, playing sports or reviewing youtube videos for his next handyman project.